The Production

coverAfter writing the music and refining his lyrics, the next step was recording, so David set out to find a good producer calling on friend and studio head Josquin Des Pres of Magma, Bernie Taupin, and Elton John fame.  They began auditions. Most locals could not handle the mutual demands of the executive production manager and Mr. Singletary; simply every performance had to be top drawer and only the best musicians would do, without exception.

With these demands in mind, Mr. Des Pres initially contacted Gerry Brown, the finest drummer in the business, and asked him to perform.  Gerry agreed. Having toured with the greatest of the greats including Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder, just to name a few, Brown was on fire from the very first day, laying a solid foundation for the rest of the players to stand firmly upon.

Then came bass.  The producer had a life long relationship with the lord of the bass, Bunny Brunel.  World renowned as a musician and recording artist, he also co-wrote the soundtrack to the academy award winning movie Unforgiven' with friend Clint Eastwood, who incidentally plays piano on the 'Unforgiven' soundtrack.  Mr. Brunel, born in France, has technique and style superbly featured on Vibe and has made a good friend in Singletary.
*Pray we hear more of the Singletary/Brunel combination in the future.

Next we have Carl Evans of the Jazz group Fat Burger and Stevie wonder fame. Again, bringing years of experience to the table and helping Singletary to realize his artistic Vision.

Rounding out this exciting combo is Chris Klich. Chris and David worked together on the music CD Super Nova.  Adding Klich to a song is like adding cayenne pepper to any stew. . . it just brings out that flavor. His flute playing is silky, sumptuous and charming enough to tame the most aggressive viper. He'll be remembered as one the greats because of his performance on the Vibe CD.

The art was done by renowned Grateful Dead album cover designer Fabien Renoult, who transformed pictures by local photographers into sonic-art for this SONICCHILL music compilation. Mixed at Track Star Studios, of Blink 182 fame, and mastered by Steve Hall at Future Disk in Hollywood, again only the best went into this work. 

All in all, this is a labor of love a work of art we're sure will be enjoyed
for generations to come. Bravo!

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